Write two resources which have alternative uses

Hello Students here you will read Write two resources which have alternative uses. Natural resources names. Name of the natural resources. Water , Forest.

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Write two resources which have alternative uses :-

There are a number of resources that are available as an alternative. Land and water are two natural resources that have many uses. Land is a resource that can be used for many purposes. There are many options for its use. The land can also be used for agriculture. It can also be used to build houses. Factory etc. can also be planted on the land.

Water – Water is a natural resource that is used for many purposes.  It is used for irrigation. It is used for drinking. Water is also used for Hydroelectric power.

Some of the natural resources are such that no one knows how many of them are left. Just as oil and coal are resources that take a long time to form. We must reduce the use of these resources.

The resources that are feared to be depleted should be replaced by other resources.

Resources which are not in danger :-

Solar energy is a resource that is not in danger of being depleted, so such resources should be used more. Solar energy does not cause any air pollution.

Wind power can also be used to generate electricity which can be used later.

Forests are also a natural resource that is of great importance to the environment. It is our duty to take care of them. Man should not tamper with forests.

Forests are home to many animals. Forests maintain the right balance of oxygen in the environment. Protects the soil from erosion. Helps to control floods. Forests keep the weather right. They also keep the air clean.

It is our duty not to harm nature but to help it maintain its beauty. Natural Resources are god gifted and Without these resources life is not possible.

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