Write a paragraph on global warming in 100 words

Hello Students here you will read Write a paragraph on global warming in 100 words. Everyone should take responsibility for making the environment better. If we make this better, our future generations will respect us. There are various causes for global warming, which we read about below.

Write a paragraph on global warming in 100 words :-

Global warming is a major challenge facing mankind today. The continuous increase in the earth’s temperature is called “global warming.”

This temperature is increasing due to many harmful gases. The use of vehicles is also increasing.
Global warming is increasing because vehicles emit a lot of harmful gases. The ongoing deforestation is also increasing the temperature of the environment.

The result is that the climate is constantly changing. Floods are coming, many places are experiencing drought. The glacier is melting. Air pollution is increasing. Many animal species are becoming extinct. It is having a bad effect on mankind.

Now we will talk about how we can avoid global warming. For this more and more trees should be planted. Pollution from vehicles and factories will have to be controlled. Public transport should be used wherever possible.

If we say that it is the work of one or two people to combat global warming, then it is not possible; everyone has to cooperate. If everyone understands their responsibility and contributes to the environment, then this challenge can be avoided.

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