Why the ASX 200 did so well on Wednesday

If you are ASX 200 reader then read Why the ASX 200 did so well on Wednesday.In the morning of November 15, there was a positive change in the ASX 200 price. The price of the index reached 7102, which is a 1.35% increase.

Why the ASX 200 did so well on Wednesday :-

In the new report that came out last night, it says the cost of things in the US went up by 3.2% over the entire year up to October. This is less than the 3.7% we saw in the past two months. The report also talks about core inflation, which is about the cost of things without counting things that change a lot, like energy and food. For this, the cost went up by 4%, and this is the slowest it has gone up in two years. So, overall, it seems like the prices of things in the US are not going up as fast as they were before.

On November 13, there was the lowest point, which was 6954.60.

And if you look at other stock shares, then the ANZ share price also rocks on November 15; the price is 24.99, which is a 0.93% increase. You can read it here. ASX 200 received all the news, and we will try our best.

Investors who are thinking of investing their money should think before investing.

Before you start investing, remember two important things. First, learn as much as you can about where you want to put your money. Understand how risky it is, how much you might get back, and if it fits your money goals. Knowing all this is like having a superpower in the investment world.

Second, don’t put all your money in one place. It’s like not putting all your toys in one basket. Spread your money across different things, like toys in different baskets. This is called diversification. If one thing doesn’t do well, the others can help balance it out. So, do your homework and spread your money around to make smarter and safer choices with your investments.

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