Why do we need Food Short Answer Class 2

Hello students here we will read Why do we need Food Short Answer Class 2. Why do we need food? We will read questions related to food, how many parts food is divided into, what are the sources of food.

Why do we need Food Short Answer Class 2 :-


Q1) Why do we need food ?

Answer – Our body gets energy from food. It is very important for the growth and development of the body.

Food repairs damaged cells in our body.  From food body gets the power to fight diseases.


Q2) How many parts is food divided into ?

Answer – a) Body Building Food

b) Energy giving food

c) Protective Food


Q3) Eating is divided into which parts according to time ?

Answer – a) Breakfast

b) lunch

c) Dinner


Q4) Why should we drink water ?

Answer – Water helps in digestion of food.


Q5) Why should we not consume junk food ?

Answer – Junk foods are harmful to health because these foods are not digested quickly.


Q6) What are the sources of food ?

Answer – There are two sources of food – through plants and through animals.


Q7) What foods do we get from plants ?

Answer – We get many fruits and vegetables from plants. For Example Wheat and Pulses.


Q8) What foods are obtained from animals ?

Answer – Milk and its products are obtained from buffalo, cow and goat etc.


Therefore we can say food is necessary for living a life.

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