Which ASX lithium stocks will keep going up 2023

Hello Reader here you will read Which ASX lithium stocks will keep going up 2023. There is an increase in the price of things; it depends on the concept of demand and supply. Lithium is used to make batteries. There are a lot of stocks in Australia that are related to lithium.

Which ASX lithium stocks will keep going up 2023 :-

1) Ganfeng Lithium Group Ltd. (GNENF)

Ganfeng is the world’s largest lithium producer. The company has had a strong earnings share over the last four quarters. This company makes and recycles batteries. So, stock analysts say this stock can perform well in the future.

2) Ioneer (ASX: INR)

Ioneer is the second-best stock to pick in Australia in 2023.
Ioneer is attempting to become the largest producer of batteries in the United States. The company is planning to make some changes to level up production.

3) Core Lithium (CXO)

Core lithium is also the best stock to buy in Australia.

4) Pilbara minerals (PLS)
If you want to buy lithium shares in Australia then you can choose Pilbara minerals. In three to four years it can up.

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