Where can i buy an Opal Card

Hello here you will read guide Where can i buy an Opal Card. Opal is a type of card that is used for buying tickets on public transport in Australia. You can connect your wallet to this card and pay for tickets in many parts of Australia. There are various types of opal you can select according to your eligibility and needs. You can read all the information here about opal.

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Where can i buy an Opal Card :-

There are many ways to buy an Opal Card. These ways are :

1) First, you can check with your nearest opal retailer. To find the nearest retailer, you can check Opal Retailers

Here, you have to search the location where you are present; this time, it will provide you with the address of the nearest retailer.

2) You can order an opal card from https://www.opal.com.au/.

Types of Opal Cards :-

1) Adult Opal:

This is a card for someone whose age is more than 16+.

2) Child Opal:

This card is for a child whose age is between 4 and 15.

3) Gold Opal:

This card is for seniors and pensioners.

4) School Opal:

The school Opal card is for students.

There are some other types of opal, which you can read about when you order or buy the card.

How you can pay with Opal :-

You can link your debit or credit card with OPAL. And then you can use the OPAL card contactless.

In final words, you can buy Opal Cards at the official site and at Opal retailers. For easy use, you can use the app Opal Travel. This app is free, and you can manage all your payments with it.

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