What is Public facilities

Hello Readers here you will read What is Public facilities. Government has an important role for public facilities. The characteristic of public facilities  is that every rich and poor can access it.

What is Public facilities :-

Public facilities are the basic needs that people are entitled to in the Indian Constitution, such as water, health and education. It is the important responsibility of the government to make these facilities accessible to everyone.

Water is such a basic need that everyone needs on a daily basis. It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that clean water reaches everyone. Clearly there should be equal access for everyone whether he is poor or rich.

The characteristic of public facility is that every rich and poor can access it like for example everyone can get education in a government school. As well that electricity is also a necessity that can make life easier. Many tasks are connected with electricity.

So many people occupations are also connected with electricity. And Only the government can supply it to every town.

Role of Government for public facilities

Government has an important role for this We have seen private schools and hospitals in many cities where only rich people can go poor people cannot avail this facility. Apart from this we have seen that drinking water tankers and water bottles are sold in cities which poor families cannot afford.

Any private company will not work for public whereas it works for own profit. It can never provide facilities to people at a loss or at a fair price.

Only the government can do this work, only the government can provide convenience to the people at a reasonable price. Every year the people give rupees to the government in the form of tax which the government can spend on public facilities.

It is the primary responsibility of the government that no one is deprived of basic needs like water, health and education.

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