What is Dictatorship Class 9

What is Dictatorship Class 9 :

Hello Readers here you will read What is Dictatorship Class 9. Effect on Media in Dictatorship Government , Effect on People of the Country in the Dictatorship Government. You can also read other posts from below.

What is a dictatorship Class 9 :-

1) In a dictatorship country , only one person owns the country. He has no body to test his power.

2) No elections are allowed in a dictatorship country and no political party is allowed to come forward. No political party is allowed to assemble.

3) In a dictatorship , the media also works under the government. It does not provide any coverage impartially. He only shows what he is asked to show.

4) No fundamental rights are valued in a dictatorship government. Anything can happen to someone and even the voice of the victim is suppressed, he does not get any justice.

5) In a dictatorship , only one person’s order is considered as the final decision.

6) No one can enjoy his freedom. No one has the freedom to speak. All other institutions like schools, colleges, radios, printing presses etc. work under one person.

In Democratic Country

 a) In a democracy, the government that gets the most votes comes form the government.

b) Democracy have fair elections and two or more political parties can contest.

c) In a democracy, the media also plays a neutral role. If the government takes a wrong step, then the media surrounds the government by showing it the truth.

d) In a democracy, the fundamental rights of the people are protected by the Constitution. People have the freedom to enjoy their rights. People have the freedom to have their say.

e) In a democracy, if one’s fundamental rights are suppressed, one can raise one’s voice in accordance with the constitution.

In a democracy, everyone has equal rights.


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