What are the Responsibilities of a Good Neighbour

Hello Readers here you will read What are the Responsibilities of a Good Neighbour. Good Neighbor always keeps surrounding clean. Qualities of a Good Neighbor. Good Neighbor remains honest. He respect you.

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What are the Responsibilities of a Good Neighbour :-


Here we will look at the responsibilities of a good neighbor.

Good speech

The greatest responsibility of a good neighbor is to show respect. There should be sweetness in his speech so that the next person also speaks to him in good speech.

Keeping clean

A good neighbor has a responsibility to keep his surroundings clean. They did not throw their garbage to anyone else but to a proper place where it could be disposed of. He should also contribute to the cleanliness of the common area.

Don’t make noise

A good neighbor also has a responsibility to make sure that no one else is hurt. So he should not make too much noise on his television or music. He should keep his voice limited to them.


It is also important to have a trusted neighbor. Because when you have to go out for some work, there is a neighbor who can be asked to look after the house but this is possible only if the neighbor is trustworthy.

Standing in sorrow and happiness

If the neighbor’s sorrow is accompanied by happiness then it increases the courage. A good neighbor must have the quality that he will stand by you in your grief. A good neighbor does not shy away from helping in difficult times.

Good Neighbor Qualities :-

When we have to go out for a couple of days, we can ask our neighbor to take care of the house. If you help others, they will not hesitate to help you. Therefore, where there is a responsibility, it must be fulfilled.

A good relationship should be maintained in the neighborhood. All this is possible only if you behave well. Helping each other through difficult times deepens the bond. If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position.

Hopefully after reading all this you have come to know about the responsibilities of a good neighbor. We will continue to strive to keep you updated.


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