Vooks app not working

Here you will read how to fix the Vooks app not working. It is a storybook library. There are hundreds of books for the moral and inspiration of students. It will also boost the vocabulary of readers. The stories teach valuable life lessons.

Vooks app not working :-

1) First, go to your phone settings. Here you will see the Apps section. Tap on it.

After this, tap on Manage apps.

2) Now here you have to find the app Vooks. Click on Vooks.

3) Here you will see the storage section; click on it.

4) Now click on Clear cache and Clear data. Click on Clear all data.

5) Now go back to App Info and click on ‘Restrict data usage’. You will see here a check icon for mobile data and Wifi. If both are yes, Then there’s no need to change.

6) After this now open the Play Store, search for the app Vooks, and click on Update App.

7) Now, restart the phone, and your problem will be solved.

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