Using i am in a sentence

Hello Readers here you will read Using i am in a sentence. You must have seen many sentences in which I am is used. Am is used with I. Am acts as a helping verb.

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Using i am in a sentence :-

1) I am a teacher.

2) I am a singer.

3) I am a clerk.

4) I am feeling happy.

5) I am walking.


6) I am driving.

7) I am writing a letter.

8) I am a student.

9) I am tall.

10) I am strong.


11) I am a well-wisher.

12) I am your teacher.

13) I am your friend.

14) I am excited.

15) I am listening.

I am sentences in English :-


16) I am saying it is right for you.

17) I am going to the market.

18) I am a carpenter.

19) I am a farmer.

20) I am listening to music.


You can easily understand them by reading these sentences. Our effort is to provide new sentence information every day. We bring something new to the English language every day so that all students who want to learn it can do so easily.

You can also read other posts in addition to this. Everyone wants to learn English today. Along with learning, practice is very important.

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