Travelling Essay 100 Words

Hello Grateful Study Readers here you will read Travelling Essay 100 Words. During travelling man learn new things. During the journey, the human mind gets new ideas.

Travelling Essay 100 Words :-

Human nature is such that it has a desire to see new places, it goes from one place to see another place which is called travel.

There can be many purposes of traveling for work or for sightseeing. There are many mediums to travel such as bus, motorcycle, train, car or plane etc.

Traveling has many benefits. This makes the human mind happy. He gets to see new people in a new place. Going to a new place gives a person an opportunity to learn about the culture there. He learns about the language of the people there and gets a chance to know about the food and dress of the people there.

During the journey a person gets to see many things from which he can learn a lot and bring a lot of changes in his life. Many new people become his friends.

When a person feels tired in life and does not like it, then he can refresh his mind by traveling to a new place.

Lines on Travelling :-

1) Moving from one place to another place is called travel.

2) There are many mediums to travel like bus, train, plane etc.

3) During travel, a person gets an opportunity to learn about a new culture.

4) He can learn about a new language.

5) Man gets an opportunity to know about the dress of the people there by traveling.

6) Many friends are made during the journey itself.

7) Man’s mind is refreshed by traveling.

8) By travelling, a person gets to learn many good things which can hardly be learned without travelling.

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