Trabajar Preterite in Spanish Tenses

Hello Readers here you will read Trabajar Preterite in Spanish Tenses. The sentences that tell us the actions were completed in the past are known as preterite. You can read examples of such sentences.

Trabajar Preterite in Spanish Tenses :-

            Pronoun                   Spanish                     English
                Yo                trabajé                 I worked
                Tu                trabajaste                You worked
                Ella                trabajó                 She worked
             Nosotras                trabajamos                 We worked
               Ellas                trabajaron                 They worked


1) He worked two days ago.

  • Trabajó hace dos días.


2) He worked yesterday.

  • Trabajó ayer.


3) She worked all day.

  • Ella trabajaba todo el día.


4) He worked for me.

  • Trabajó para mí.


5) I worked for her.

  • Trabajé para ella.


6) They worked for two hours.

  • Ellos trabajaron durante dos horas.

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