Tesla Stock Jumped 0.66 % on 4 November

If you are investor then read Tesla Stock Jumped 0.66 % on 4 November. Tesla makes electric cars and more. The price of Tesla’s stock goes up and down a lot. This is because Tesla is doing new things in the market and its boss, Elon Musk, has big ideas. The stock changes because of things like new technology, how many cars they make, how many people want electric cars, and the focus on clean energy. Tesla doesn’t just do cars; they also work on solar power and batteries. How much money they make, how many cars they plan to make, and rules they need to follow affect their stock. Even with these changes, Tesla is a big player in making the car industry cleaner and better.

Tesla Stock Jumped 0.66 % on 4 November :-


                    4 November                          219.96
                    1 November                          204.17
                    31 October                          196.14


The price of stock depends upon many factors, such as the company’s working style, profit, and many other factors. Tesla stock price was 196.14 on October 31.

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