Swimming Essay 150 words

Hello Readers here you will read Swimming Essay 150 words. Swimming is an art form with competitions taking place all over the world. A good swimmer has a lot of confidence. A good swimmer’s body is also completely fit.

Swimming Essay 150 words :-

Swimming is a water sport. It is a very good activity to keep the body healthy. Swimming is an activity that uses both hands and feet.

It can also be done in a pool or in a river. Swimming is a sport that many people consider their favorite sport. Competitions are held on a very large scale in this game.

Swimming is not easy to learn in the beginning, but as experience increases, the player becomes an experienced swimmer. There are also many training schools or academies to teach it, in which anyone can learn it by participating.

Swimming improves the posture of the body. This sport increases flexibility in the body. It removes body fatigue, and sleep is very good.

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