Stress Management Essay 100 words

Hello Readers here you will read Stress Management Essay 100 words. The problem of stress has become common these days. Many people suffer from stress. There are many reasons for this which often lead to stress. We next see how to get rid of it.

Stress Management Essay 100 words :-


One of the most effective ways to reduce stress is exercise. It can also be walked on foot. When we walk our mental state improves. This also improves our thinking.



Getting enough sleep can also reduce stress. When we don’t sleep at the right time but keep wandering around in tasks, then stress happens. Therefore, the work should be done according to the fixed time and rest so that the mental state is right.


Talk to anyone who wants to

Spending some time talking with the person you love or like the most will also reduce stress.

Listening to favorite songs

Sometimes listening to favorite songs can also reduce stress.


Positive thinking

If we keep positive thinking then stress will not come. If there is any problem, try not to worry about it for more than ten minutes. Don’t think about him again and again. One has to learn from what happened and think about positive actions. When we start thinking positively, the results will be positive.

Reading a good book

Many people also reduce stress by reading their favorite book, this method can also be adopted.


Eating as you like

When stress comes you can eat your favorite food which reduces stress.

Go for a walk

You can go to a new place to reduce stress. When we go to a new place or meet new people there, the stress is reduced to a great extent.

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Reducing non-essential work

When we get involved in more tasks, we are prone to stress, to avoid this, non-essential tasks can be reduced.

Take a bath

Many people also believe that taking a bath can also reduce stress.

Stress Management Essay 100 words
Stress Management Essay

Playing with children

In a state of stress, when we go to small children and play a game or talk to them, ask them questions or answer their words, then the stress disappears.

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