Strength in a Sentence

Hello Readers in this lesson you will read Strength in a Sentence. You must have seen many sentences in which strength is used. Below are some sentences that you can read.

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Strength in a Sentence :-

1) My mother is my strength.

2) His trust is my strength.

3) Jimmy’s strength is based on his father.

4) Your wisdom is your true strength.

5) His commitment gives me strength.


6) Gavy gives me strength to achieve success.

7) Dimple’s bad behaviour drains my strength.

8) Your qualities are your strength.

Sentences Using Strength :-


9) His fake promise saps my strength.

10) He claims that I am not your strength.

This makes quite a sentence. There are many sentences like my brother’s support is my real strength. My real strength is hard work. Nirmal’s courage became my strength.

My strength increased as he listened to me carefully. My mother is my strength. Hard work is the real strength for me.

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