Spanish word for tomorrow

Hello Readers here you will read Spanish word for tomorrow. If you are a beginner in Spanish, you can begin with basic words for everyday use. You can improve your vocabulary with these words.

Spanish word for tomorrow :-


Tomorrow – mañana


  • Today – hoy
  • Yesterday – Ayer
  • Day – día
  • Night – Noche
  • Vacation – el asueto


1) I will meet you tomorrow.

  • Mañana me reuniré contigo.


2) He did not come yesterday.

  • No vino ayer.


3) He works all day.

  • Trabaja todo el día.


4) I met him today.

  • Lo conocí hoy.


Practice is very important for learning any language. When we learn new words. If we use them in our speech, it becomes easier for us to learn that language. But when we communicate more with people who speak that language, it becomes easier to learn that language.

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