Spanish Sentences to Practice

Hello Readers here you will read Spanish Sentences to Practice. To learn the Spanish language you must practice. First one should start with common spoken sentences. Similar sentences are given below. The sentences that we commonly use are derived from them.

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Spanish Sentences to Practice :

1) He is happy.

  • Él es feliz.


2) He is a teacher.

  • Él es un maestro.


3) He disappointed me.

  • Me decepcionó.


4) He did a great job.

  • Él hizo un gran trabajo.


5) He made me laugh.

  • Me hizo reír.


6) He won my heart.

  • Se ganó mi corazón.


7) Ask me.

  • Pregúnteme.


8) Ask Him.

  • Preguntarle.


9) Nice to meet you.

  • Encantado de conocerte.


10) All is well.

  • Todo está bien.


11) Wake up.

  • Despertar.


12) He is kind.

  • Él es amable.


13) Call me back.

  • Llámame.


14) Believe me.

  • Créeme.


15) Why not ?

¿Por qué no ?


Sentences for Practice in Spanish :-

16) It’s too late.

  • Es demasiado tarde.


17) I was a bit busy.

  • Estaba un poco ocupado


18) I am fine and you.

  • I am fine and you.


19) I am getting bored.

  • Me estoy aburriendo.


20) Come with me.

  • Ven conmigo.

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Practice is very important for learning any language. When we learn new words. If we use them in our speech, it becomes easier for us to learn that language.
But when we communicate more with people who speak that language, it becomes easier to learn that language.

Hope you have learned something about the Spanish language from this lesson. Stay connected with us to learn something new every day.

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