So that Sentence Examples

Hello Readers in this lesson you will read So that Sentence Examples. You must have seen many sentences in which so that is used. We will also read its example sentences.

So that is a conjunction that joins two clauses together. It is placed before clause to indicate its purpose.

So that Sentence Examples :-

1) He worked hard so that he could achieve success.

2) She speaks slowly so that he cannot disturb anyone.

3) He dressed well so that everyone liked him.

4) She woke up early so that he could arrive on time.

5) Everyone praises him so that he is honest.


6) He went to the market so that he could buy things.

7) He assisted the poor man in eating so that he could eat.

8) He replaced the seat so that she could sit.

9) He changed the bus so that he could not meet her.

10) He wears a jacket so that he does not feel cold.

By reading the examples of these “so that” sentences, you will understand how “so that” is used in the sentences. You can also read other posts related to English from the list below.

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