Simple and Compound Sentences worksheet with Answers

Hello Learners here you will read Simple and Compound Sentences worksheet with Answers. You have also read simple sentences and complex sentences in English. You can clear your doubts by using the examples.

Simple and Compound Sentences worksheet with Answers :-

Simple Sentence is a sentence which expresses a complete thought. A Sentence which has one subject and one predicate is called a simple sentence.
A Simple Sentence is always an independent clause.

Examples :-

1) She is happy.

Subject – She , Predicate – is happy.

2) He is brave.

Subject – He , Predicate – is brave.

A Compound sentence consists of two or more independent clauses joined together by coordinating conjunctions , correlative conjunctions or transitional expressions.

coordinate conjunctions : and , but , for , nor , so , or , yet.

Examples :-

1) He was hungry, so he ate food.

2) We played cricket, but they watched the movie.

Simple Sentences :-

1) He writes a letter.

2) Jimmy sang a song.

3) He goes to the market.

4) He watched the match.

5) He was late.

6) He is driving.

7) She was angry.

8) He listened to me.

9) They were going.

10) He is a player.

Compound Sentences :-

1) He is busy, so he did not come.

2) He did not read a book, nor did he write a letter.

3) I had invited him, yet he did not attend the party.

4) Even though he is trained, he still makes mistakes.

5) He arrived early, but the train was late.

6) He prepared well, and he won the match.

7) He was bright, but he didn’t get first place.

8) I did not know whether he would come.

9) He returned the phone after he noticed it was damaged.

10) Let me know if you need help.

You can easily understand by reading these sentences. We bring something new every day related to English language so that all students who want to learn English can learn it easily.

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