Short vowel e Sentences

Hello Readers here you will read Short vowel e Sentences. Sentences with Letter E. Practice English grammar. Little progress is better than no progress.

Short vowel e Sentences :-

1) Get Well soon.
2) I saw a Elephant.
3) I have a Pen.
4) His father is Engineer.
5) Ram is Honest.

6) Jaspal sent me gift.
7) I will never forget.
8) He is a brave Men.
9) Rohit given me sweets.
10) He never lies.

E is a vowel letter here you can see all the words with vowel E.

11) The dress is a Wet.
12) We enjoyed the Party.
13) Food gives us Energy.
14) He never pay fee.
15) The net is too big.

16) This water is enough.
17) Rita like fruits.
18) Mani is a weak person.
19) Jaswant has a wealth.
20) Simran Eats the Food.

21) Please listen me.
22) Don’t be so greedy.
23) You look upset.
24) No need to say.
25) He is Ten years old.

26) Drop me home.
27) He is our Neighbor.
28) He made food for us.
29) Kamal like green color.
30) he lives careful.

31) Rohit have eight goats.
32) He gets up Early.
33) Life is Beautiful.
34) Self respect is best.
35) Protect the Nature.


The e-letter is used in all the sentences you are looking at. You already know that vowel letters are five – a, I, o, u, e.

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