She was sentences examples

Hello learners here you will read She was sentences examples. She, as we know, refers to a female, whereas was refers to a past tense sentence. You must have seen many sentences in which “She was” is used. You can easily understand by reading these sentences. We bring something new every day related to English language so that all students who want to learn English can learn it easily.

She was sentences examples :-


1) She was a teacher.

2) She was ready.

3) She was not happy.

4) She was driving a car.

5) She was listening to music.


6) She was excited about coming.

7) She was angry with him.

8) She was married.

9) She was never imagined.

10) She was helpless.


11) She was in the market.

12) She was laughing at him.

13) She was reached on time.

14) She was woken up early this morning.

15) She was seeing me.


16) She was a resident of that village.

17) She was a student at that school.

18) She was listening carefully.

19) She was thinking.

20) She was working in town.

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