Sentence using Know  

Hello Learners here you will read Sentence using Know. Know in a Sentence. Sentences with Know. You have read many such sentences in which the word “know” is used.

Sentence using Know :-

1) He knows me.

2) I know she is well.

3) He knows I live in a village.

4) Rita knows he will not come.

5) I know he is a teacher.

6) I don’t know about this matter.

7) He knows it will not work.

8) The teacher knows he will top the exam.

9) Garry knows he is a winner.

10) I know he was late.


11) He knows Jimmy is a good speaker.

12) I know she is married.

13) He knows I am honest.

14) I know his address.

15) He knows Tim is on vacation.

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