Sentence using happy

Hello Readers here you will read Sentence using happy. You must have seen many sentences in which happy word is used. This word alone shows that the sentence is about some happiness. When someone is happy or has a great achievement, someone’s personality is very good, often the word happy appears in such sentences.

Sentence using happy :-

1) I am very happy.

2) Your achievement made me happy.

3) I am happy to see you.

4) His father was happy.

5) She was happy.


6) He was happy to meet my family.

7) He was happy to meet my father.

8) He feels happy helping us.

9) She was happy with her.

10) Children are happy.


11) His teacher was happy with its behaviour.

12) Your nature made me happy.

13) My father is happy at the party.

14) Both are happy together.

15) Your advice makes me happy.

You can easily understand by reading these sentences. We bring something new every day related to English language so that all students who want to learn English can learn it easily.

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