Roku Q3 2023 Earnings Outlook

You can read here Roku Q3 2023 Earnings Outlook. Roku is like a magic box that helps you watch lots of fun stuff. You can see movies, TV shows, and more using the internet. It has a bunch of different devices and is easy to use. Roku works with many other services that show movies and shows. Many, many people use Roku to watch stuff—millions, actually! People like it because it’s easy to find and watch different things. Roku changes with what people like, so it always stays good for watching your favorite shows and movies.

Roku Q3 2023 Earnings Outlook :-

In the last three months, Roku, a company that helps people stream movies and shows, gave a heads-up that they expect to make about $955 million, which is 10% more money than last year. But they think they’ll lose about $85 million.

Roku had to take away some TV shows and movies from its service last quarter, costing them $62 million. They did this to save money. They also let go of 10% of their workers and plan to spend less on offices and other services to save more money.

Even though their costs went up by 43%, they hope the changes they’re making will help them spend less money in the future.

They got 2.3 million new users in the last three months, reaching a total of 75.8 million users. People watched 26.7 billion hours of shows and movies on Roku, which is 22% more than last year.

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