Prepositions of direction ( 10 Examples)

A preposition of direction or movement describes where, how, or in what way something moves. You have read many sentences in which the preposition direction is used. You can read here examples of 10 such sentences.

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Prepositions of direction :-

 Preposition of Direction or  Movement  What it describes   Example Sentences
  To movement with a specific
aim, direction, or
 My cousin went to Spain with his friends.
 over movement higher than and
across something else
  The crow flew over the trees.
 Above movement to a point higher
than something else
  He passed the stick above his target.
 Along movement on a straight line
or edge
They are going along the road.
  Around movement in a circular
  He is walking around the well.
 across movement from one end to
the other
He walked across the road.
 into   movement ending inside
  He jumped into the water.
 Out of movement ending outside
  movement ending outside
  Away from movement farther from
  He ran away from the tiger.


Examples of Sentences of Preposition of Movement :-

1) He went to the market.

2) He is going along with me.

3) He moved away from him.

4) She went across the road.

5) He stood over the roof.

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