Pick out the Nouns in the following Sentences

Hello Readers here you will read Pick out the Nouns in the following Sentences. Nouns are the Part of English Grammar. You are able to Pick the Nouns from Sentences after reading these Sentences. You will also know about the types of Nouns.

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Pick out the Nouns in the following Sentences :-

Words that convey a person, object, place, condition, quality, meaning, etc. are called nouns. Such as – Calcutta, boy, wood, happiness, team etc.


◊ Next we will learn about Nouns in sentences.

1) Chandigarh is a beautiful city.

Chandigarh is the name of a special place here. That is why Chandigarh is a Proper Noun.


2) The boys are playing.

Boys are an example of a common Noun.


3) This sweater is made of wool.

wool is a material Noun.


4) He lied to me.

lied is a Abstract Noun.


5) The team won the match.

Team is an example of a collective name.


6) I love apples.

Apples – noun

7) The fair was very crowded.
Crowded – noun

8) There are thirty students in our Class.

Class – Noun


9) This chair is made of Iron.

chair – Common Noun

Iron – Material Noun


10) Respect your parents.

Respect – Noun


Passage :-

Jaswant is my friend. He studies in my class. He always speaks the truth. Jaswant has a bicycle. His Father is a Doctor.

He helps the poor. His mother is so Kind. He likes to wear black.

She likes English very much. He also plays the guitar well. He goes to the park every day.
His mother is very kind.

He likes to go to the library. Jaswant also plays Football.


1) Jaswinder eats food.
2) He succeeded in his intention.
3) He is watching television.
4) Param luck is not good.
5) Cow milk is good for health.

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Friends, I hope you have learned a lot about the Noun. The above types of nouns are described with examples. By reading all the sentences you will know about the types of nouns.

You will know what a proper name is by reading it. What is the collective name? What is a noun and what is a common noun?

Everything else depends on practice. The more you practice, the more knowledge you will have.

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