No Men are Foreign Word Meaning

Hello Grateful Study Readers here you will read No Men are Foreign Word Meaning. It is very important for us to know the meaning of all the words of any poem which makes it easy for us to understand. And the longer we remember the words.

No Men are Foreign Word Meaning :-


Foreign         विदेश

Betray           धोखा देना

Condemn      निंदा करना

Defile            मैला करना


Peaceful         शांतिपूर्ण

Strange          अनोखा

Whenever      जब भी

Outrage         उल्लंघन


Innosense        मासूमियत

Dispasses        तिरस्कार

Harvest            फसल काटना

Aware              जागरूक


Land            भूमि

Fed              सिंचित

Uniform       वर्दी

Starved        भूखे


Strength          ताकत

Beneath           नीचे

Hell                  नरक

Recognize        मानना


The poet says in this poem that no country is different. He says that the people of every country are the same. All breathe the same, think the same and experience the same.

In the poem, the poet has given the message of unity and peace. He says no one is a stranger. We all live in different countries but we all have one nature. We all have the same soul.

The poet says that one should never look down on anyone, if you are looking down on someone, then in a way you are hating yourself. The poet is also saying that we are harming nature with our actions.

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