My house in French

Hello Learners here you will read My house in French. French is the world’s most widely spoken language. Many students want to know this language. Here you will see some sentences related to house in French.

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My house in French :-

My House – Ma maison

Our House – Notre maison

Your House – Ta maison

Sentence using House in French :-

1) My house is beautiful

  • Ma maison est magnifique.

2) His house is near me.

  • Sa maison est près de chez moi.

3) He constructed a new home.

  • Il a construit une nouvelle maison.


4) There are three rooms in our house.

  • Il y a trois chambres dans notre maison.


5) Our house is near the school.

  • Notre maison est près de l’école.


A) Chambre is the French word for room.
B) The bathroom is known as la salle de bains in French.
C) Jardin is the French word for garden.

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