My family in French 10 lines

Hello Learners here you will read My family in French 10 lines. Family plays the biggest role in making a good citizen. Only the family can show a child the right path. Families who inspire their children to do good things early on are always successful in life.

My family in French 10 lines :-

1) Ma famille est une petite famille.

2) Il y a quatre membres dans ma famille.

3) Mes parents, ma sœur et moi vivons dans la famille.

4) Ma mère fait le ménage.

5) Mon père est mécanicien.

6) Ma famille me donne une bonne éducation.

7) Nous vivons tous ensemble dans un même village.

8) Toute la famille vit heureuse.

9) Tout le monde s’aide.

10) J’adore ma famille.

In English :-

1) My family is a small family.

2) There are four members in my family.

3) My parents, my sister and I live in the family.

4) My mother does housework.

5) My father is a mechanic.

6) My family gives me good education.

7) We all live together in one village.

8) The whole family lives happily.

9) Everyone helps each other.

10) I love my family.

Family is a relationship that is given to man only by God. A good family always lives well. Society is formed from the family. If families are happy, society will be happy.

If you want to bring about any change or implement something better, you should start with your family first. Doing this will send a good message to other families, and they too will follow the right path.

The happiness that a person gets from spending time with his family cannot be found anywhere else. In ancient times, families used to be big, but nowadays families are small. In earlier times, families used to live happily, but they are rarely seen today.

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