Life in a Village Essay 100 words

Hello Readers here you will read Life in a Village Essay 100 words. Here we will read about the nature of the villagers, their dress and their occupation.

Life in a Village Essay 100 words :-

Village life is normal. There is no traffic like in cities. The villages are not crowded. The atmosphere here is clean.

Pollution is very low in villages whereas it is high in cities. Crops and lush greenery can be seen all around in the villages which creates a very happy atmosphere.

The nature of the villagers is also very good. People share each other’s sorrows and joys. People are also big hearted and appreciative. They celebrate every festival together.

The people here are hardworking. Their main occupation is agriculture. They grow different types of crops in their fields.

Villages lack big buildings, big offices, markets and hospitals like cities. Villages do not even have cinemas, railway stations etc.

The dress of the villagers is also simple.

People get up early in the morning. They get to work early in the morning. The people here are not very rich but they are very rich at heart. They give full respect to every visitor.

Importance of Village

The number of villages in India is also very large and most of the people live in villages. These people have contributed a lot to the progress of the country. These people cultivate and produce food for the people of the cities.

There is a need to provide better medical facilities, better education and many more facilities in the villages. Because the progress of a country can be measured only by the progress of villages.

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