Komoot App not working

Here you will read the guide Komoot app is not working how can you fix it ? The Komoot app is built to provide the best routes for those who want to explore nature. It will help navigate the route. There are better planning tools in the app. You can go on bike tours or mountain tours. The app will find the best routes for adventure. There are a large number of people who find Komoot a useful app to explore nature.

Komoot app not working :-

1) First, go to your phone settings. Here you will see the Apps section. Tap on it.

After this, tap on Manage apps.

2) Now here you have to find the app Komoot. Click on Komoot.

3) Here you will see the storage section; click on it.

4) Now click on Clear cache and Clear data. Click on Clear all data.

5) Now go back to App Info and click on ‘Restrict data usage’. You will see here a check icon for mobile data and wifi. If both are yes, Then there’s no need to change.

6) Now open the Play Store, search for the app, and click on Update App.

7) After this, restart the phone, and your problem will be solved.


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