Kitchen items in French

Hello Readers here you will read Kitchen items in French. There are many things in the kitchen that we use every day. We will read them in English and French. If you want to learn French, then this lesson is also necessary, with which you will get the knowledge of the things used in the kitchen in the French language.

Kitchen items in French :

1) la cuisinière = stove

2) l’évier = sink

3) le four = oven

4) le mixeur = blender

5) le grille-pain = toaster

6) la casserole = saucepan

7) le plat à gratin = oven dish

8) la cocotte-minute = pressure cooker

9) la spatule = spatula

10) la cuillère en bois = wooden spoon

11) le saladier = salad bowl

12) l’ouvre-bouteille = wine opener

13) le décapsuleur = beer opener

14) le moule à cake = cake tin

15) le moule à tarte = pie plate

16) la poêle = pan

17) la poêle à frire, la sauteuse = frying pan

18) la cafetière (électrique) = (electric )coffee maker

19) la bouilloire (électrique) = (electric) kettle

20) le frigo” = fridge

Here you have read the names of the items that are used in the kitchen every day. We try to share new information every day, hope that you will learn something new from it.

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