Keep the Earth clean and green Essay

Hello Readers here you will read Keep the Earth clean and green Essay. We should reduce the use of Natural Resources. There are lot of factors which pollute the earth and we will discuss one by one as well as there are lot of ideas through which we can clean and green the earth.

Keep the Earth clean and green Essay :-


Earth is a planet with many natural resources for life. The main sources of life on this planet are oxygen and water.

If we look back a few years ago today, we will see the difference that before there was no risk of temperature and pollution. But if we look at the present time, the temperature is also rising and the pollution is also increasing.

We urgently need to take concrete steps to save the planet. For this we have to pay attention to the environment first.

To clean up the environment we have to stop deforestation and plant trees wherever possible.

»  Then there is the need to conserve natural resources. Water is a very precious resource. The right steps will have to be taken to prevent its pollution. There are as many sources of water as there are. They have to be taken care of.

Emphasis will have to be placed on the use of renewable resources by reducing the use of natural resources such as petroleum and coal. At the same time, private vehicles should not be used on public transport or on foot.

Disposable plastic envelopes should not be used. Cloth bags should be used which can be used again.

Switches should be turned off when no power supply is required.

As much as possible, work should be done to save the natural resources. Just as rainwater can be stored and used for irrigation.

» The use of chemical fertilizers in the soil should be reduced. More organic fertilizers should be used in the soil. The use of chemical fertilizers in the soil also pollutes the water.

If we look closely, there are many ideas that we can apply to make the environment and this earth clean and green.

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