Importance of Water in Agriculture Essay

Hello Readers here you will read Importance of Water in Agriculture Essay. Water is our daily need and without it life is impossible. So , You will read how we use it in fields.

Importance of Water in Agriculture Essay :-

Water is a natural resource without which no creature can survive. It is also used for many other purposes, one of which is agriculture.

As India is an agricultural country, water is very much needed in agriculture.

Water meets many of the needs of crops. Plants contain about 90% water. The process of germination of seeds is not completed in dry soil, so moisture in the soil is very important.

In agriculture, water plays an important role in the growth and flowering of plants and the development of flowers, fruits and seeds.

Water enters the plants through the roots of the plants. Plants also absorb other minerals and fertilizers through water. Elements dissolved in water move to the green part of the plant.

In agriculture, water protects the crop from drought and heat. Soil moisture has to be maintained for proper growth of crops for which irrigation is essential.

Water is used in agriculture for irrigation, spraying of pesticides. Water contributes a lot to the yield of crops. If the crop gets water at the right time then the yield of the crop is very good.

The crop gets water in many ways. These are well or tube-well water, rain water, canal water etc.

It is very important in today’s time that we should focus on the use of methods in agriculture that can save water. For which we need to adopt modern methods of irrigation.

We all know that the water level is going down day by day which is a matter of great concern. Then , If we do not recover today, future generations will have to face water scarcity.

Rainwater can be collected and used for irrigation.

And Everyone should contribute to saving water. Surely saving water is beneficial for next generations.

Importance of water in agriculture

  • To irrigate
    To spray pesticides

Water resources in agriculture are

  • Water from a well or tube-well
    Rain water
    Canal water

Undoubtedly, one who read this will help to save water

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