I will sentence Examples

Hello Readers here you will read I will sentence Examples. We know that will is used when we want to talk about the future tense. We speak many future tense sentences every day in which we use will while speaking English.

I will sentence Examples :-

1) I will help you.

2) I will take care.

3) I will see you.

4) I will be happy.

5) I will go there.

6) I will dance at the party.

7) I will surprise you.

8) I will be there.

9) I will ask you.

10) I will advise you.


11) I will cook food for you.

12) I will enjoy the holiday.

13) I will play cricket.

14) I will win the match.

15) I will make you happy.


16) I will read a book.

17) I will listen to the song.

18) I will attend the meeting.

19) I will enjoy the ride.

20) I will see you.


21) I will use the time wisely.

22) I will respect him.

23) I will go for a walk.

24) I will give water to him.

25) I will feel proud of him.

After reading these , I will sentences you must have felt that many of these sentences we use every day. You can read them, learn them, practice them and use them in your daily conversation.

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