I think so in Spanish

In this lesson you will read How to say I think so in Spanish. It is an idea when you think about a person. You can say it is a matter of thought.

I think so in Spanish :-

1) I think so.

  • Creo que sí.


  • Think   –   Pensar
  • Honest      –      Honesto
  • Care      –        Cuidado
  • She       –      Ella


2) I think he will not come.

  • Creo que no vendrá.


3) I think tomorrow is a holiday.

  • Creo que mañana es feriado.


4) I think he will take care.

  • Creo que se cuidará.


5) I think she is honest.

  • Creo que ella es honesta.


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