How to use Which in a Sentence

Hello Readers here you will read How to use Which in a Sentence. Which is a type of determiner that is used before nouns.  You will see Examples of Sentences. Use the words what and which before nouns to ask about people or things. These words are called interrogative determiners.

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How to use Which in a Sentence :-

1) Which book is your favorite ?

2) Which car do you like ?

3) Which color do you like ?

4) Which places did you visit ?

5) Which did you prefer ?

6) Which bus goes into the market ?

7) Which of these is your brother ?

8) Which of these clothes are not yours ?

9) Which thing do you like ?

10) Which way is to the bus station ?

‘ Which ‘ Used as relative clause :

1) It is not easy to say which man is wiser.

2) It is not easy to say which road is clear.

You must have learned something by reading these sentences. Our effort will continue to teach you English. Every time we bring something new that you can learn from.

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