How to use was and were in a Sentence

Hello Readers in today lesson you will read How to use was and were in a Sentence. You must have seen many sentences in which “was” or “were” are used. We will also read its example sentences. From both was and were, we know that the sentence is in the past tense.

How to use was and were in a Sentence :-

Was is used for one person, and were is used for two or more.

Its example sentences are :

1) He was a great player.

2) I was walking.

3) He was singing.

4) She was late.

5) He was excited.

6) He was at home.

7) Rohit was listening.

8) He was sleeping.

9) She was not present.

10) He was gone.


11) They were late.

12) Children were playing.

13) Students were reading.

14) They were going to the market.

15) The kids were excited.

16) We were reached on time.

17) We were happy.

18) You were present.

19) We were helped by a team.

20) They were seeing me.

You will understand what kind of sentences use Was, were after reading the examples of these sentences. You can also read other posts related to English from below.

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