How to use including in a Sentence

Hello Readers here you will read How to use including in a Sentence. You will have seen many sentences in which including is used. It describes the presence of one special thing in the presence of another.  As an example, we see that I have two favorite subjects, including English.

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How to use including in a Sentence :-

1) She invited me, including my family.

2) I met them all, including her father.

3) The fee is total, including the return cost.

4) He teaches two subjects, including math.

5) The house has four rooms, including the dining room.


6) He cheated everyone, including the staff.

7) He has a high regard for everyone, including her father.

8) The hotel offers breakfast, including lunch.

9) Rohit invited all students, including the teachers.

Including Sentence Examples :

10) He treated her poorly, including insulting her.

11) You can buy any type of clothing, including children’s clothing.

12) He likes two subjects, including science.

13) There are thirty students, including me.

14) He needs two assistants, including the clerk.

15) He helped three students, including Harry.

You can easily understand them by reading these sentences. Our effort is to provide new sentence information every day. We bring something new to the English language every day so that all students who want to learn it can do so easily.

English is the language spoken in most countries. By learning it, one can share their ideas in another country. Learning it has many benefits. Many paths are opened for man.

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