How to use Apple Pay on the iPhone SE

Hello Here you will read How to use Apple Pay on the iPhone SE. When you shop, you mostly use Apple Pay. But you are all aware that there is a face ID difference between old iPhone modals such as the iPhone SE, the iPhone 6, 7, and 8, and new iPhone modals such as the iPhone 12, 13. There is a difference between face ID and touch ID.

How to add cards to Apple Pay on the iPhone SE :-

You all know that before you pay, you need to add payment cards to your Apple wallet. You can add cards by following this method:

1) First, open Settings on your iPhone.

2) Now scroll down to Wallet and Apple Pay.

3) Now tap on Add Card.

4) After this, tap on the debit or credit card.

5) Now press Continue.

How to use Apple Pay on the iPhone SE :-

When you have added a card, you can make contactless payments. In the wallet and Apple Pay, you will find the option to For instance, this includes tasks like configuring an Express Travel Card, selecting a default card, and deciding whether to enable Apple Pay access when your iPhone is locked.

When you’re ready to make a payment, the process is remarkably simple. If your iPhone is unlocked, just hold it close to the card reader. This action will prompt your cards to appear on the screen. You can then select the specific card you wish to use for the transaction. Once you’ve made your selection, place your finger on the Touch ID button to authenticate the payment.

If your iPhone is locked, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve enabled the ‘Double-Click Home Button’ option within the Wallet and Apple Pay settings. To initiate a payment in this scenario, double-tap the Touch ID home button on your iPhone. While keeping your finger on the button, the Touch ID will authenticate the payment. Afterward, hold your iPhone near the payment reader to complete the transaction. That’s the whole process!

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