How to use along with in a Sentence

Hello students, Here you will read how to use along with in a sentence. “Along with” is used in a sentence to describe two things together. As an example, she takes tea along with coffee. There are two things: tea and coffee. The phrase “along with” is used to denote such sentences. The accompanying sentences are given below.

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How to use along with in a Sentence :-

1) He went to the party along with his sister.

2) He will never come along with him.

3) Jim was excited to come along with Nita.

4) He did not go along with his neighbour.

5) He gets it for free along with that product.


6) Please come along with her.

7) I bought some vegetables along with some fruits.

8) She went to the market with her mother.

9) She takes tea along with coffee.

10) He takes fruits along with the soup.

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