How to transfer money to Amex checking account

Hello here you will read How to transfer money to Amex checking account. American Express offers checking accounts. If you want to open a checking account, you can do so in minutes. There are no minimum deposit charges and no monthly account fees.

How to transfer money to Amex checking account :-

If you want to transfer money to your checking account, Open the American Express website. Now you have to login with your user name and password.

1) Here, your American Express checking account page will open.

2) To transfer money from an external bank account to your Amex checking account, click on “make a transfer “.

3) You have to select the account from which you want to make a deposit.

4) Now you have to enter the amount you want to transfer.
Click Continue.

5) Now review the details and click Submit.

Here is the confirmation that your transfer was scheduled.

You can manage your account with the Amex app. Here you can check your transactions, balances, and transfers. And you can earn some rewards on your debit card purchases.

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