How to send money to a chime account

Here you will learn how to send money to a Chime account. You have to complete all the steps listed below.
When you start to use a new app, you find it difficult to see all the features. But later, you find all the options.

How to send money to a chime account :-

Open the Your Chime app.

1) Now in the bottom bar, you will see the option to move money. When you click it, you will see the option “Transfer from another bank.

2) Next, you need to connect your bank account. You will see the option “Continue.

After this, you will see the option to link your bank account.

3) Now, select your bank account from the list. You can search here for your bank account.

4) Now you have to fill in your username and password.
Here, you will see your account.

5) And now you can verify your identity using the three options, which are text message, phone, and email.

If all is correct, you will see a success message on screen.

6) Now you can transfer your money to your Chime account.

You can put here how much money you want to send.

7) After checking the amount, click “Transfer.” You will see the message transfer request.

In a few minutes, your transaction will be done. And money will be added to your Chime account.

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