How to Send money from cash App to Chime

Hello here you will read How to Send money from cash App to Chime. If you are using a Chime account , Here you can read the step-by-step process to send money from the Cash app to Chime. Chime is an American financial technology company that provides mobile banking services.

How to Send money from cash App to Chime :-

1) First, select the banking option from the Cash app home screen.

2) Next, you have to click on Link Bank” to add your Chime account.

3) Now you have to add the chime bank account or debit card number into the Cash app.

4) Now click on the balance option on your cash app screen.

5) Here you have to select “Cash Out” and select the amount that you need to transfer.

6) After this, you have to add your security pin or phone touch ID to confirm the transaction.

7) Now follow the steps to add money to your Chime account.


When you transfer money to your Chime account, you can choose an instant transfer or not.

You can use a chime card in most countries when you travel. AndYou can turn on international transactions in your Chime app. You can use Chime anywhere Visa is accepted.

If you want to open a credit builder account, you must have a Chime checking account and qualify for a $200 direct deposit. Chime accounts work in the same way other banks do.

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