How to say I am in Spanish

Hello Readers here you will read How to say I am in Spanish. Start at the beginning if you want to learn Spanish. You can learn basic Spanish words and sentences that are used daily.

How to say I am in Spanish :-

I am  –  soy


1) I am happy.

  • Yo estoy feliz.


2) I am busy.

  • Estoy ocupado.


3) I am a teacher.

  • Soy profesor.


4) I am not there.

  • No estoy ahí.


5) I am helpless.

  • Estoy indefenso.


6) I am honest.

  • Soy honesto.


7) I am interested.

  • Estoy interesado.


8) I am a driver.

  • Soy conductor.


9) I am confident.

  • Estoy seguro.


10) I am wealthy.

  • Soy rico.

Practice is very important for learning any language. When we learn new words. You can learn daily use Spanish Words. If we use them in our speech, it becomes easier for us to learn that language. But when we communicate more with people who speak that language, it becomes easier to learn that language.

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