How to say hello in 20 different languages

Hello Learners here you will read How to say hello in 20 different languages. Hello is such a word that is definitely spoken when meeting. Every language uses this word. No matter the language, there are people who love every language. Everyone has their own mother tongue. Every language has its own words. We will learn how to say hello in twenty words.

How to say hello in 20 different languages :-

1) Hola – Spanish

2) Bonjour – French

3) Namaste – Hindi

4) Sat Shri Akal – Punjabi

5) Ciao – Italian

6) Hallo – German

7) Halo – Indonesian

8) Olá – Portuguese

9) Ni hao – Chinese

10) Kon nichiwa – Japanese


11) Dia dhuit – Irish

12) Zdraveĭte – Bulgarian

13) Zdravo – Servian

14) Merhaba – Turkish

15) Hallo – Dutch

16) Bongu – Maltase

17) Hallå – Swedish

18) Helló – Hungarian

19) Sannu – Hausa

20) Xin chào – Vietnamese

Spanish language is very popular, this language is spoken in many countries, but in general, every language has its own audience, there are people who want to speak every language. Punjabi language belongs to a state of Punjab in India. Punjabi language is very popular in Canada and other countries today.

There are also quite a few speakers of the French language. This language is also spoken in many countries. This lesson explains how to say hello in twenty languages.

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