How to say have a good day in French

Hello Readers here you will read How to say have a good day in French. French is one of the most widely spoken languages. Nowadays, everyone wants to learn it. If you want to learn a new language, then how you practice it depends on you. When you meet a friend who knows this language, then it will be beneficial for you. It can speed up your learning of the language.

You can practice the sentences for daily use with your friend. When you speak French in front of your friend, it will boost your confidence.

How to say have a good day in French :-

Have a good day.

  • passe une bonne journée.


Day – la journée

Night – nuit

Afternoon – après-midi


Good Morning – bonjour

Good Afternoon – Bon après-midi

Good Night – bonne nuit


Daily Use Sentences :-


1) He is going to the market.

  • Il va au marché.


2) He is busy.

  • Il est occupé.


3) I am late.

  • je suis en retard.


4) He is absent.

  • Il est absent.


5) They will not come.

  • Ils ne viendront pas.


6) I can do.

  • Je peux faire.


7) I am happy.

  • Je suis content.


8) She was sad.

  • Elle était triste.


9) He is a bachelor.

  • Il est célibataire.


10) He is excited.

  • Il est enthousiaste.

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