How to say good morning in Polish

Hello Learners here you will read How to say good morning in Polish. Polish language is mainly spoken in the country of Poland. But many others also want to learn it. Many foreigners, when they come here from abroad, it is very important for them to know some basic Polish words or phrases.

How to say good morning in Polish :-

1) good morning   –      Dzień dobry        (dj’yen’ dob-rih)

2) hi –      Cześć              (chesh’ch’)

3) good bye       –          do widzenia                (do vee—dze-n’ya)

4) good night     –      Dobranoc                      (dob—ra-nots)

5) take care       –        dbać o siebie

6) see you tomorrow         –          do zobaczenia jutro

7) see you later       –        do zobaczenia później


Following are some important sentences of conversation between two persons when they meet.

1) (Nice to meet you)       Miło mi         (mee-wo mee)

2) (What’s your name?)        Jak siȩ pan/pani nazywa?      (yak sh’ye pan/pa-nee na-zih-va)

3) (Pleased to meet you)       Bardzo mi miło pana/panią poznać      (bar-dzo mee mee-wo pana/pa-n’yohN poz-nach’)

4) (This is my friend, harry.)     To jest mój kolega harry        (to yest mooy kole-ga Harry)

5) (Meet my wife)   Poznaj moją żonȩ          (poz-nay mo-yohN zho-ne)

6) (Where are you from?)    Skąd pan/pani jest?        (skont pan/pa-n’ee yest)

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